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Rehab Loan


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Rehab Loans help cover the cost of a home in need of renovation. This loan exceeds the conforming loan limit of up to $35,000.

A Rehab loan is a mortgage loan that exceeds the standard loan amount limits on conforming loans. Remarkably, loan companies do not consider a fixer-upper home as investment they like to consider. With a Rehab Loan, we build an appraisal with the value of the work, into the future monetary worth of the property, in which your loan is based. Homeowners are able to invest in property reconstruction, enhancements, or assemble their home for sale.

Who Qualifies?

  • Applicants should have a 580 credit score (although some lenders expect 620-640); 

  • A minimum of 3.5% down payment established by purchase price plus repair costs; 

  • Sufficient income to pay back the loan

  •  Lawful permanent residence or U.S. citizenship 

Senior Businesswoman

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